Focusing on the relationship between Man, nature and environment, Arran Gregory's work is interested in our relationship with nature and how it is shape-shifting in a chaotic digital age. Geometry and line are carefully curated to form the basis of life-size sculptures and immersive installations that focus on evolution, identity and the primitive 'self'.

Having come from a background studying graphic design, his work is interested in communicating through the immediacy of visual language. Sculptures become characters and paintings become logos in an effort to explore the intertwining of technology and evolution.

Recently exhibiting with the Royal Academy, AG's work has also appeared in exhibitions across the UK, France, Germany, and Japan. He currently resides in the UK.



About the Studio

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Selected Clients

  • Swarovski
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Slam City Skates
  • VICE
  • Raised by Wolves

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Arran Gregory