Westbury White Horse. 940 x 630mm. Indian ink Airbrush on Canvas, 2023

In Pursuit of My True Nature. 2023. Brushed Wood and Polish. 60 x 93 x 128cm. 

Currently on exhibition at BLOK Leyton, London as part of Choreographies pt II with Flux-Projects.            

‘Hand of Code’.     1/1 digital sculpture.      From the series ‘Metanature’: a collection of A.I generated hybrid-sculptures created by blending physical works.     ︎ to view full collection click here     

Anubis.   PETG a Acrylic.   600 x 300 x 1030mm.   2022 

Hyacinth Macaw. 2020. Coloured mirror, Brass, Wood. 108 x 46 x 19 cm. 


Singularity.    2021.     Fibreglass, Glass, Acrylic, PetG.     1650 x 980 x 1050mm.     

Red Sting. 2021. Airbrushed acrylic on canvas. 1400 x 940mm

Black Panther. 2020. Fibreglass, acrylic, steel. 2270 x 340 x 730mm. 1/20

Genetic Memory. 145 x 280 x 190mm. Teak, wood stain, indian ink. 2019

Italic Tribal Head.  260 x 142 x 230mm. Teak
Tribal Head. 245 x 140 x 180mm. Teak 
Metropolis Head. 252 x 147 x 177mm. Bengkirai
Temple Head. 253 x 152 x 192mm. Teak (rotating axis)
Geometric Head. 251 x 145 x 200mm. Teak
(all works 2019)

  Domesticated Man series. Breeze blocks,  Steel. (modular dimensions vary) 105 x 44 x 147cm. 2018

Running Man. 195 x 145cm. Airbrushed indian ink on canvas. 2019 

Aerobricks artist in residence exhibition, Blok London, 2020

Blue and Yellow Macaw. Resin, Coloured mirror, Bronze, Marble, 100 x 46 x 25cm, 2018.  

  Dopamine Dance    Live Instagram-reactive kinetic installation including 50 GeoNeko 3D prints    (@geo.neko)  
Artist’s studio.         London.         
Glass, Wood, PetG, Arduino, wires.       1000 x 1000 x 1000mm
.      2019.     

Detail of Dopamine Dance.   Raspberry Pi, motors, wire.      Following, liking or commenting on the cats social media profile triggers a real time simultaneous wave.    

Geo Neko.   Cybernetic 3D print, Raspberry Pi, servo motor.    290 x 170 x 150mm,   2019.     

White Geo Neko and 16:9.   Wood, black mirror, fibreglass, geared motor.    Dimensions variable.   2018.       

Inverted reflection Geo crop.   Airbrush painting on canvas.   93 x 143cm.   2018.  

Brightness and Contrast Geo crop.   Airbrush painting on canvas.   93 x 143cm.   2018.      

Wavey Geo.     Enamel on canvas.     195 x 145 cm.     2018     

Wide Geo. Enamel on canvas. 145 x 195 cm. 2018 

SPRINT.   Installation view at S.O gallery, Tokyo.  Wood, wire.   220 x 160 x 30cm.   2015   

Mirror Amur Leopard. 1/20.    Fibreglass, mirror, steel.   73 x 34 x 227cm.    2015.      

HUNT, 20/20.  Exhibition view  at  
Truman Brewery, London.     2015.

Mirror Wolf,   2012.   Fibreglass and Mirror.  185 x 100 x 85cm.    WOLF  exhibition view at Print House Gallery, Dalston, London, 2012.  

Mirror Rhino.    Jesmonite and foam,     2012.        

Greyhound (black and white)    Jesmonite cast, Paint.    2010.     

Mindframe (of a leopard).   wood, paint.    30 x 25 x 40cm.   2012.    

Mirror Nature, in collaboration with Swarovski.   Crystal with chrome coating.   89 x 220 x 70 mm.    2016.